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War in Waziristan – Letter to the Editor

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Subject: War on Terror

Published on Aberdeen American News, USA, by Kashi N Pandit, on July 27, 2009.

Dear Editor:

This refers to Pakistani Pledge to Rout etc …  July 27 – Pakistan’s argument that she cannot pull out bulk of her troops from eastern border  because of Indian threat is untenable. If Pakistan dismantles scores of her terrorist training camps set up along border line in Kashmir for infiltration  and subversion in Indian part of Kashmir, India will have  much less reason to maintain her strong military presence along Indo-Pak border. Disengagement of Indian troops on western border would help her combat terror in Kashmir and the eastern part of the country very effectively.

Of Dialogue Under Duress

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By Kashinath Pandit

States are run by statesmanship not war. Dialogue is an essential attribute of statesmanship: it has to be welcomed as effective and viable instrument of resolving conflicts.

As a sequel to 26/11, India rightly discontinued bilateral dialogue with Pakistan. That country’s involvement in Mumbai attacks has been comprehensively documented. Pakistan disowns her involvement precisely the way she disowns terrorist attacks in Kashmir.

Pressure is mounting on the US-NATO forces in their fight against Al-Qaeda-Taliban combine in Afghanistan and NWFP.   Continue Reading…

Withdrawing army from the valley

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By Dr. K.N. Pandit

Army was deployed in the valley way back in 1990 to combat armed insurgency that is externally sponsored and internally abetted.

Deployment of army is ordered to maintain internal law and order and thwart external threat.

Army is deployed in any state of the union on the request of the elected government, which in turn, might need to seek the assent of its law –making body, viz. Legislative Assembly.

This process has been gone through in the case of J&K. The logic is that the army can be recalled to barracks only on the request and recommendation of he states government, which in turn shall have to seek the assent of the legislative assembly.     Continue Reading…

Enfranchising internally displaced persons

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By K.N. Pandita

On May 30 lost a sizeable group of JKNM, an organization of displaced persons from the valley, staged a peaceful demonstration at some distance away from the polling booth in the premises of the Director of School Education in Muthi. They were protesting against hurdles created in the way of IDPs desirous of exercising their right to actively participate in country’s democratic process.

The police led by the SHO Domana and the SSP concerned, unleashed repression on these unarmed and peaceful demonstrators, beat them brutally, burnt and trampled their banners and picked up five demonstrators who were locked up in Domana police station for the whole day. Continue Reading…