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Initiate reconciliation in Kashmir

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By K.N. Pandita

For the first time, a half-hearted attempt has been made by the State government to casually address the issue of internally displaced persons from the valley.

The finance minister had a cryptic paragraph in his budget speech before the legislative assembly on 10 August 2009. For “our Kahmiri Pandit brothers and sisters”, he promised fifteen thousand jobs, and semblance of medical facility for the families whose head is in government service.

According to a rough estimate, there were about eleven thousand Pandit employees in the state government at the time of their exodus in 1990. The number has come down to less than two thousand by now, the rest having retired and new recruitments a far off cry.  Continue Reading…

Kashmir under US radar

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By Jam Subuhi, sorry, by K.N. Pandita,

Embattled in NWFP, the US nurses the hope that Pakistan will fight to finish her Taliban/Al Qaeda battles. The home-bred TTP is ideologically far more entrenched and cohesive. No Pakistani regime can underestimate the fallout of obliterating it from Pakistan’s political landscape.

Obama administration is more than willing to pay a price, billions of dollars already having changed hands. Yet Pakistan is eyeing something substantial that would contribute to the stabilizing of the present regime and vindicating Pakistan’s long standing greed for Kashmir.  Continue Reading…

New Kashmir bargain

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By K.N. Pandita,

By disengaging some of its troops from anti Taliban-Al Qaeda front in NWFP and re-deploying them on international border with India, Pakistan is countering American pressure on “doing more” against Pakistani perpetrators of 26/11 carnage.

In a re-hyphenating act Washington has revived its Kashmir rhetoric. Her Generals are sending confusing messages with a view to shift the pressure point from Islamabad to New Delhi.

On his visit to Amethi as Rahul Gandhi’s friend, the British foreign secretary David Miliband said that terrorism in India was linked to resolving Kashmir issue.   Continue Reading…

Kashmiri female teachers’ human rights

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Letter from: Asian-Eurasian Human Rights Forum
NGO registered in Delhi
E-241 Sarita Vihar, New Delhi – 110076

To: Chairman NHRC, Faridkot Housed, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi, India
August 3, 2009:

Your Lordship,

We are a Delhi-registered international NGO with branches in Geneva (Switzerland) and Colorado (USA). We work for human rights and assist UN organizations and official and non-official organizations in preserving and promoting human rights of all.

A case of human rights has been brought to our notice which pertains to the Education Department of Delhi administration.   Continue Reading…