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Hurriyat stumbles on fourth stakeholder

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Update December 3, 2009: Der readers, after publishing the article under same heading on 24 Nov 2009, I received many requests from readers to expand it as at places they were not able to understand the background. On their request I expanded the theme of the article fully and have now replaced today december 3 the old version herafter by the new one:

By K.N. Pandit

During past six decades and more of the history of Kashmir issue, China, by and large, maintained somewhat dubious neutrality, and left stakeholders guessing how she looked at this festering South Asian sore.  Despite her close, and more often clandestine relationship with Pakistan, of which late Z.A. Bhutto and the then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger were principal architects, China did not openly take sides in Kashmir dispute, and at best, confined to pontification, which was not really hurtful either.  Continue Reading…

Living by courage and conviction

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Kashmir Talks

By K.N. Pandita

For some time in recent past solution of Kashmir issue is talked about loudly in political circles. The lid was first taken off the Pandora’s box by the Indian Home Minister who reported “quiet dialogue”, “unique solution” and “unique geography and history of Kashmir” without spelling out their contours.

The fathers of Indian Constitution had the inkling of the uniqueness of the history and geography of Jammu and Kashmir. That was perhaps the reason why a specific Article (370) was incorporated into the Constitution.  Continue Reading…

Address to Conclave of Kashmiri Pandits

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Siri Fort, New Delhi 15 November 2009 – Under the auspices of All India Kashmiri Samaj.

Address to Conclave of Kashmiri Pandits, by K.N. Pandita

Honourable members of fraternity and friends,

It is an honour for me to be with you today.  All India Kashmir Samaj has provided me this opportunity to share with you some ideas on matters pertaining to the community. Thanks to AIKS and particularly to its President, Shri Moti Kaul.

A.   Status:

We the Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits) say we are a religious minority in Kashmir. But the State Commission on Minorities, guided by government policy, does snot recognize us a minority.   Continue Reading…