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Interlocutors: Talks or no talks

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By K.N. Pandit

There is one particular thing which interlocutors should say but will not say. That was also what All Party Parliamentary delegation which preceded the Committee of Interlocutors should have said and did not say. Again that is what seasoned and veteran journalists and observers want to say and do not say. There could be many reasons for this kind of torturous dichotomy; low-key diplomacy, fear of reaction, erosion of vote bank constituency, and above all inherently weak and pusillanimous character.

The thing that should be said is that movement or no movement, violence or non-violence, good or bad governance, Jammu and Kashmir will not separate from India. Any individual or group desirous of talking to stakeholders in Kashmir and starting the dialogue with this ABC of Kashmir policy will be the only entity likely to make a successful breakthrough. In all probability, as that is not going to happen in the given political culture of the Indian state, therefore the stalemate is unlikely to see an early end.  Continue Reading…