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Lettre to the Editor – The Hindu

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Forgiveness tantrum

Dear Sir,

Apropos Farooq seeks ‘forgiveness’ for ‘ethnic cleansing’(The Hindu 8 Jan), weeks before his father signed Indira-Sheikh Accord in 1974, Farooq Abdullah was seen jointly sharing platform with the JKLF founder Amanullah Khan in Muzaffarabad (PoK) and holding a Kalashnikov in their hands in a huge anti-India rally and vowing to fight for ouster of India from Kashmir. In summer 1989, he released nearly 70 hardcore Kashmiri terrorists trained in PoK from Srinagar jails despite court recommendation for framing them for sedition. These seventy hard core local terrorists were responsible for the murder of hundreds of innocent Kashmiri Pandits when armed insurgency broke out in late 1989 and early 1990. With forceful rise of armed insurgency in Kashmir in early 1990, Farooq then heading the coalition government with Congress, resigned, fled from Kashmir, took a flight to London and spent next six months peacefully enjoying his golf.  Continue Reading…

Letter to the Editor – Autonomy issue: Rejoinder

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Daily Excelsior

Updated Jan. 7, 2011 / 09.33 MEZ:

Dear Sir,

Mr. Balraj Puri’s letter of Jan 4 does not dispel, rather adds more confusion to what he had said in his article of 23 December. Accession of J&K to the Indian Union in October 1947 patently took place under very special circumstances notwithstanding uniformity of the instrument of accession for all federating units of the Indian Union.  The specialty was that the state was under incursion by an external power, which had signed a standstill agreement with the Maharaja of J&K. This was not the case with any other Indian princely state at that point of time. The question of no accession without secession was extensively debated at the London Commune of 1898 in which top communist ideologue Rosa Luxemburg had fiercely advocated the right of secession. After great debates, the controversy was set at rest by Lenin in 1905 when he declared that a federating unit could seceded provided it had convincing economic viability and its  secession did not pose security threat to the federation.  Continue Reading…

From the horse’s mouth

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By K.N. Pandita

True, the revelation made by the former Hurriyat chief, Prof. Abdul Ghani Bhat, in a recent seminar is not something unknown. Knowledgeable circles knew without an iota of doubt that the tentacles of ISI’s conspiracy of Kashmir militancy were rooted deep and wide. That the militants liquidated many precious lives in Kashmir including those of the father of Mirwaiz and of Bilal Lone, is what these leaders knew but preferred not to stir the hornet’s nest.

In what context did Abdul Ghani Bhat disclose the open secret is not important?  Its importance lies in the fact that the responsible Hurriyat leader realizes that masses have been fed on false propaganda and rumours for two decades in the past and all to their detriment.  Continue Reading…