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With and against everybody

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K.N. Pandita

Question-answer session in a press conference of late Bakhshi Ghulam Muhamamd, the former chief minister of J&K, went like this:

  • Q: Sir how many people are with you?
    A: Bakhshi: 40 lakh
  • Q: How many with the Shiekh?
    A: Bakhshi: 40 lakh
  • Q: How many with Sadiq?
    A: Bakhshi: 40 lakh

The population of Kashmir was forty lakh at that time. And Bakhshi was the only Kashmiri leader who understood subtle nuances of Kashmiri psyche, and reacted to it befittingly. And he was also the only Kashmiri leader who endeared himself to the people of Jammu region in true sense of the term because he was a nationalist, a secularist and a pragmatist to the hilt. And that is why he was the most successful chief minster we ever had. Those who destroyed him have made the nation pay through its nose.  His name and work have been suppressed most callously; one more brazen attempt of disfiguring current Kashmir history.      Continue Reading…