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Editor DNA, Mumbai

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Dear Sir,
I was disappointed by the contents of the article titled ‘Amarnath ropeway plan etc’ (DNA 29 Aug) by Firdous Syed. My disappointment is partly because of gross distortion of historical facts,  and partly, but more importantly,  because of my apprehension that articles with this tone an tenor   have the  potential of destabilizing delicate balance of communal harmony in Kashmir.    Continue Reading…

Stoking flames of discord in Kashmir

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Kashinath Pandit

The piece titled ‘Amarnath ropeway plan etc’ (DNA 29 Aug) by Firdous Syed is a classical example of stoking flames of discord among communities. It is replete with distortions of facts of history.

The row over Amarnath Cave pilgrimage in 2008 was triggered neither by Governor Sinha nor by the Sangh Parivar: it sprang from a statement issued by PDP leader Mufti Saeed who wanted to score a point over his political rival National Conference by whipping up religious passion among the Muslims of the Valley – an old trick.  Continue Reading…

Is NAM struggling for survival?

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By K.N. Pandita

Much water has gone down the river when NAM was founded and propagated as a conglomerate of nations professing independence from two blocs of cold war era. About 20 heads of states from a total of 120 of its members, and the rest of them the representatives, met in Teheran on Thursday to deliberate on matters relevant to it. Iran took over the chairmanship from Egypt, and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Egyptian President Morsi took their seat on the podium in their privileged capacity as founder members. Indonesia did not attend, and Yugoslavia remains fragmented. Continue Reading…