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Stigmatizing PM’s visit

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BY K.N. Pandita

Such is the frustration of rank and file of opposition that they find political motive in PM’s visit to Kashmir. Ever since the Congress was routed in elections, it has increasingly been pandering to personal attack and attributing motives, political or otherwise, to each and every move of the PM. They find political motive in the Jan Dhan Yojna; they find political motive in Swachh Bharat, they find political motive in PM’s visit to cyclone hit Andhra and now they find motive in his visit to Siachin and Kashmir flood sufferers. Continue Reading…

Generals have ganged up

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By K.N. Pandita

Reports are that last week’s firing and shelling across the LoC and IB was far more intense than at any other time in recent past. Rangers chose firing across IB because that is not fenced and provides comparatively easier clandestine infiltration.

Pakistan is using Kashmir as a safety valve to steer away from deteriorating domestic situation. In a television interview with an Indian channel, former army chief and president, Pervez Musharraf has frankly confessed that Pakistan has been sending jihadis in Kashmir to help Kashmiris fight Indian presence. He was candid in saying that Pakistan could incite Kashmiris and millions of Pakistanis would march on to Kashmir. He added that other means could be explored if Kashmir was not wrested through armed insurgency. Continue Reading…