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Letter to the Editor – Masarat Alam’s release

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Dear Sir.

This refers to news item ‘Alam’s release conditional’, (DE, 9 March). Agreement for Alliance apart, the crux is that Jammu-based BJP pushed alliance with a valley-based party that is ideologically poles apart from it. It pushed because it wants Kashmir militancy to come to an end. The fault of BJP is that it thinks Kashmir militancy and Kashmir peace are isolated affairs. Cashing on BJP’s impetuousness, Mufti Sayeed, after his tongue in cheek remarks about Pakistan, now panders to the demands of the separatists and militants short of cessation. This is the first stage of a broad formula with which the two countries are toying on the behest of a super power. Don’t forget that Secretary of State, Kerry was in New Delhi this January ahead of Obama’s visit. Nawaz Sharif sent a message to Obama in New Delhi to persuade Modi for resumption of bilateral talks with Pakistan. Continue Reading…

Towards a deal at last

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By K.N. Pandita

Two-month long skulduggery for hammering a deal for J&K coalition government stands in contrast to just a couple of days of negotiations for similar purpose in Maharashtra. Despite perceived defreeze, the void in Kashmir remains fundamental and ideological.

The deal exposes BJP’s inability to induct any new initiative in the process of unlocking Kashmir logjam. The way it handled the deal is photocopy of Congress’ policy. Continue Reading…