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Is Farooq off the point?

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By K.N. Pandita

Farooq Abdullah, as is his wont, has once again stirred the hornet’s nest. He says let Pakistan keep its part of the State and we keep ours.

Had things been that simple, Kashmir would not have earned the sobriquet of ‘Gordian knot’ nor would have Pakistan lost its eastern part nor and finally volunteered to become the Frankenstein of its terror devilry.

Farooq has won the wrath of “nationalists” of both countries. Yet his statement merits cool and unemotional appraisal. He may be a mad cap but he has a method in his madness. Continue Reading…

Letter to the Editor – Rehabilitation of IDPs

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Editor, Daily Excelsior

Dear Sir,
Apropos news item ‘Centre not averse to composite rehabilitation etc.’ (DE 13 Nov), rehabilitation agencies seem to enjoy the sadism of issuing confusing and contradictory statements. We want to remove confusion as far as our stand on rehabilitation is concerned. Evidently, proposed 6,000 flats will be for accommodating 3000+ IDP employees. That does not make a township. The concept of twin-city is very different from a habitat. The two have to be differentiated. Continue Reading…