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Face to face with Frankenstein

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By K.N. Pandita

Three weeks have gone by when J&K chief minister Mufti Sayeed breathed his last. His successor should have been announced forthwith and the new government cobbled together without loss of time. It has not happened.

Mahbooba Mufti, daughter of the late chief minister, an MP and President of her party (PDP), took time to come out of mourning. However, even after the days of mourning were over, the party took another two weeks to decide that Mahbooba would lead the party in the legislature. Continue Reading…

Rhetoric of return and rehab of Kashmir IDPs

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By Kashinath Pandit

Replying to media persons at his recent interaction with ABVP in Jammu, MOS in PMO, Dr. Jitendra Singh said Modi government was committed to the return and rehabilitation of displaced persons from the valley. He said no decision would be taken without taking Pandit IDPs on board. But the sting was in the tail when he said that “the displaced people should also frame a single opinion on this issue so that government can act accordingly.”

Dr. Jitendra Singh is a good friend of the Pandit IDPs; he has long association with them. Very few political personalities have as comprehensive understanding of Kashmir IDP issue as Dr. Jitendra has. He is now at a very important position in Delhi and can be effectively instrumental in addressing the issues of Kashmiri Pandits. I, therefore, feel that by supplementing his knowledge with a few more facts which he might have missed owing to his preoccupations, he would be facilitated in tackling the same in right earnest.   Continue Reading…