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Farooq holds key to Kashmir solution

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By K.N. Pandita

Kashmir is in the news. In New Delhi and Srinagar, helmsmen are in close consultation.
Political situation in the Valley has deteriorated. Separatists are agog with joy. Sustained civilian unrest and recurring armed clashes with terrorists, give grist to human rights violation propaganda, with buyers at home and abroad. Continue Reading…

The road to national resurgence

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By Kashinath Pandit

Isn’t our democracy still in embryonic stage? Transformation of an ancient Asiatic country of heterogeneous complexion into a modern state is a lengthy and painstaking process. Moreover, a mindset shaped by many centuries of slavery to alien rule takes its time of restoration to equilibrium. By assuming that our democracy is in bloom we only allow ourselves to fall a prey to willing suspension of disbelief. Continue Reading…