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Governor Jagmohan’s letter to PM V.P. Singh: that was never delivered

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An analysis

By K.N. Pandita

Shri Jagmohan has included the draft of a letter which he had written in his hand to be sent to Prime Minister V P Singh but which was never sent. (The text of this letter is to be found on page 471 of My Frozen Turbulence ….) In the endnote to the letter, Shri Jagmohan writes, “I scribbled this letter, late in the evening, in my hand and put it in my briefcase to get it typed the following day by my private secretary. But by the morning, the surging turbulence within me had frozen in my mind. The long walk around the Raj Bhavan garden strengthened the encasing around this turbulence. The cool, crisp and gentle breeze had done the trick. The letter was neither got typed nor posted.” Continue Reading…