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Kashmir a blind eye: A path to nowhere

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By Kashi Pandit

Much was anticipated to follow the Kashmir Reorganization Act 2019. It didn’t happen. People gossiped that the development of infrastructure would receive unprecedented boost up because, as claimed, it had been either neglected or relegated to low priority for so many decades by the popular regimes in J&K. The refrain was also about stamping out corruption and siphoning away funds meant for some crucial projects of infrastructural development. People naively thought thieves would be caught and brought to book. Continue Reading…

Pakistan makes talks with India conditional

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By K N Pandita

Pakistan newspaper Dawn has reported that during his interaction with the press, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said that “talks with India can be resumed only if New Delhi restores Kashmir’s pre-Aug 2019 status”. He contends that holding talks without India restoring the pre-August status for J&K would tantamount to the betrayal of Kashmiris. He added that Kashmiris will infer that Pakistan is prepared to compromise with India’s action of August 5 in Kashmir. Continue Reading…